Eberlestock Blue Widow

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Re: Eberlestock Blue Widow

Post by Bughalli » Mon Sep 12, 2011 1:33 am

I bought one and returned it. It's a great pack. Love the design...very innovative and flexible to meet the needs of different situations. But it's not as good as some of the normal backpacking packs I've had.

Why I returned it, two reasons. 1) waist/hip belt is just okay. Not bad, but not great. For that kind of money it should be great. 2) size. Any normal backpack worth anything will come in three sizes to account for waist and tourso differences. Their "one size fits all" is fine for day hikes or light overnighters, but load it up and you'll be wishing you had a pack that fits better. With heavy weight I couldn't get the weight off my shoulders, even when adjusted as far as it could go. A good fitting pack puts all the weight on your hips and only uses the shoulders for stabilizing the load. Dont get me wrong, it works and I'm sure plenty of guys like it. But once you see what a high quality, good fitting pack can feel like, you won't settle for less. It's worth being critical when spending that kind of money and potentially putting miles on the trail with it.

My Badlands 2200 has a better fit and better hip belt. Yet too small of capacity for big trips. I'm going to check out the Badlands 4500 next. Or just stick with my Northface because it carries heavy loads for miles with ease.

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Re: Eberlestock Blue Widow

Post by ntspdy » Sat Sep 17, 2011 10:24 pm

I finally got a chance to use this pack fully loaded. Took it to CO for a multi-night bowhunt for a few days and it did great. Pack was loaded with 46lbs and I went in approximately 3.25 miles starting at 9000 and finished at 10500. At first I had an issue with the pack not being properly stabilized but after making an adjustment to the waist belt and moving the shoulder straps down one notch it fit much better. I went at it hard this week and my legs gave out before my back ever got sore. If you adjust the stays and the shoulder harness properly this thing will haul weight properly. It may not fit every torso/body type but when adjusted it worked great for me. With all the different configurations with this pack it's definitely worth my money. Just my personal opinion.

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Re: Eberlestock Blue Widow

Post by Patch » Sat Sep 17, 2011 10:36 pm

I must disagree with you on your review of the Blue Widow. Yes the pack is a one size fits all, (2200ci-7200ci) but there are many adjustments that you can make to make it fit. I would suggest that anyone who wants to get this pack, go to their website and view the how to use this pack video. One adjustment is to get the correct size hip belt that fits you. Second is to adjust the torso length to fit your torso. If you are extremely tall or short then I can see your problem. You can also adjust the metal stays that are in the back so they contour the pack to your torso. I have spent many days on trail with this stuffed with as little as 18 lbs, and well over 60 lbs in it. I was released back to full duty in March of this year due to a shoulder injury in Afghanistan, And have had no problems getting this pack off of my shoulders. I have used Very good packs and very bad packs. I spent months researching packs, and the only other one I would have gotten is the Black Creeks Barbarian. Granted Badlands does make a good pack, but for me my money is on Eberlestock. 10sign: :thumb
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Re: Eberlestock Blue Widow

Post by Milesaway » Sun Jan 15, 2012 1:03 pm

Now that your brother has one, what do you think? I have had one for around 6 years and absolutely love it.
I've had the opportunity to try out Badlands, Fieldline, Mystery Ranch and others. I truly love the simple design
and comfort (even when overloaded) of this pack. I did have one problem with it. The material could be a little thicker
than it is. I caught the side of it on scrub oak and started a small tear. I also have the spike duffel to go with it, but that material
is WAY too thin. I put a hole in it my first time using it.

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