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Post by OHIOFLATLANDER » Wed Mar 14, 2007 8:48 am

Ohioflatlander is here!
Just fount the site late last summer, before I went to Wyoming on a Mule Deer hunt. I dont check in every day, but every once in awhile. Very polite forum with some real knowledgable guys. Love all the pictures that get posted here. Brett comes up with some great "find the deer" pic's that are fun. He can be quite the tease too. Making us all wait for the best and final pic of some monster that leaves us drooling!!

Keep up the good work, hope finacially it's working for you!

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Post by Hunter292 » Sun Mar 18, 2007 10:41 pm

I'm still here buddy. I won't ever leave. Lived in Battle Mountain, Nevada My whole 14 years of life.

socal duckie
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Post by socal duckie » Tue Apr 03, 2007 12:27 pm

south eastern socal here!!
been hunting and fishing for 25+ years. i am an avid waterfowl and upland hunter. just started chasing desert mule deer in D12 4 years ago.

still looking forward to my 1st kill.

big shout out to BOHNTR, i remember talking to with you and enjoyed your photos on another forum.
Take your wife hunting and she wont have to hunt for you!!!
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Touch 'em all
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Post by Touch 'em all » Tue Apr 03, 2007 1:55 pm

I am a 30 year old school teacher from Hurricane, UT. I love to hunt big game, upland game and I also love to fish. I would have more hobbies but my wife helps keep me in check. Elk hunting has got to be my favorite, but muleys are such a greater challenge. I love my wife and kids and try to include them in the excursions as much as possible. I visit the site daily during the week when there are lulls in class so I don't die of overexposure to teenagers.zzz I like to read more than I contribute but I have to say thanks for the laughs and stories that keep me going until the weekend.

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The Ox
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Post by The Ox » Tue Apr 03, 2007 5:36 pm

22 ,originally from minnesota moved to southern utah when i was 15 thats when i started hunting and am hooked now. i spend as much time out looking and researching everything from guns to game animals and , im just fascinated with both i am trying to learn everytrhging i can about them. ive gotta moake up for 15 lost years . i just started getting into archery last year and love it. ill be doing it for a long time i hope , hoping to stick my first bull elk this year too! i love rifles and muzzys also

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Post by Fortis » Wed Apr 04, 2007 12:33 pm

Live in W Texas, been a diehard mule deer fanatic for over 30 years. I love hunting big game period, but big mulies are my pasion. I'm new to the board, and find it very entertaining and informative. Keep it up fellas.

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Post by PaRu » Thu Apr 05, 2007 12:11 pm

Just joined live in Crested Butte Co, love to hunt, fish, just be outdoors besides my family think that is the only reason i work is to pay for hunting fun. Kill a animal or not just enjoy the hunt, it could be your last.
Great hunter?YES Fine figure of a man? YES
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Post by AGCHAWK » Thu Apr 05, 2007 3:37 pm

Welcome to MuleyMadness PaRu. I look forward to your future posts!

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Post by BOHNTR » Sun Apr 08, 2007 5:05 pm

Welcome to all the new members.........

socal duckie:

Great to see you over here...... :thumb
BOHNTR )))-------------->

Bowhunting Editor-Western Hunter Magazine
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Post by Jeff » Sun Apr 08, 2007 7:34 pm

I live in Tooele,Ut for another month or two, then I'll be in Salt Lake.I love hunting muleys, I've been doing it for 20 years and still everytime I go those suckers show me I dont really know as much as I thought I did,

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