Like buying local But a good deal can not be passed up

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Like buying local But a good deal can not be passed up

Post by M.Bird » Tue Dec 16, 2014 12:37 am

Miss read my tracking information on a new weapon that I purchased (look at wrong tracking number), I though the rifle was delivered. I jump into the truck and go down to the gun shop that I do business with, I asked about the deliver, they did not get any today, I figure out I cannot read the proper email. The Owner (“S”) asked what I purchased, I tell him a Troy Industries Bravo Rifle, and he asked why I did not buy local. I like to buy local any time I can even if a “little” more money. “S” tells me I have to pay the state sales tax (in cash) and transfer fee no background fee I have my CCW. I was aware of this, I told “S” that for the money I paid for this he could not even get close. He had a Troy Alpha for sale 3 weeks ago for under MSRP, I told him I was about $700.00 under his price, “S” looked at me real funny (throwing the bullshit) I showed him the receipt from Troy for what they charged me. Now he is getting mad at me. He goes and looks at his distributor list and the bottom of the line troy is $365.00 more than I paid. “S” asked me how I came across this price, I explain it was a special offering on Troy’s web site for a government contract overrun and they were offering them at a reduced price: he is mad and directed being upset at me. He is on the Troy page looking for the deal, but it is over. The rifle is to be delivered on Tuesday (not Monday) as I get ready to leave, “S” tells me that they will call me when the rifle is ready to pick up after they get it logged in to the received book. I guess I will not see the rifle for a couple of days after delivery. Having purchased several rifles and recommending him too many others, I left there with a bad taste. I like to buy local, but that much money makes a real difference. I might have to look for a new place to do transfers:
What is your thoughts of this?

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Re: Like buying local But a good deal can not be passed up

Post by Big Moose » Sat Dec 20, 2014 12:10 pm

I've recently run into the same situation at our local gun shop. I wanted to buy my wife a FMK 9mm handgun and they had one and it was in my price range. My wife liked the gun and I was all set to buy it. First I wanted to check it out on the net and see if it was a good gun and of course check the price out. I found the gun online for $320. My gun shop wanted $429, which was $30 over retail and $109 more than online. I could pay the $75 transfer fee and still come out way ahead. When I mentioned this to them (at the gun shop) they went ballistic and said this online gun store was their biggest competition. One of the owners just unloaded on me. Now there's no way I'm going back into their shop...for anything.

I think it's pretty hard for local businesses to compete with online sellers. I do like to buy local, even if it's a few dollars more...there is no shipping and you get to see what you're buying right there. Here in California with all our restrictions and regulations it really sucks to buy a handgun and I'm going to wait. We are moving back to Nevada soon and this is one of the reasons.

I would think in your gun purchase that the owner ("S") would have better knowledge of what was going on with his suppliers and maybe get in on the same deal you did. He should be mad more at himself than you.

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