Been a long time

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Don Fischer
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Been a long time

Post by Don Fischer » Wed May 17, 2017 12:01 pm

Boy seem's like forever since I've been on here. In that time I did get aa new rifle, Mossberg Patriot in 243. I have never owned two rifle' chambered the same before. But here it is. Got a new set of die's with the rifle. I like each rifle have their own dies. I partial size so that could be a problem. Also a bit of difference in seating depth's.

Started off really poorly with this one. Bought a box of factory ammo so I could see what it does right out of the box. Shot three group's; 1 1/4", 1" and 7/8". I checked over the bedding and couldn't find a flaw in it! Magazine well is plastic, magazine is plastic and trigger guard is plastic. Guess I'll find out how they hold up. Never have seen a rifle barrel bedded this way before. Other than along the barrel where you could see it, you could drive a truck through it. Doesn't show so I don't care. Had to buy the plastic stock as it was all they had and it's 70 mi one way to the store. Got it home and ordered a wood one from Mossberg. Boy is it a beautiful finish! No checkering but what they call stippling, I think that's it. Looks and feel's fine. The trigger is adjustable and from the factory was set at 2 1/2#! Nice trigger! Only problem's I've had was the rear action bolt in the wood stock Is longer than in the plastic, they sent me a new one right away. And I decided to torque in the action screw's so got an inch pound wrench and put 30# of torque on them, to much! Broke the trigger guard where the rear action bolt goes through. Ah, there is no bolt through the rear tang! They sent me a new trigger guard right away, no chg! They must want more business. For got to mention, the rifle fit perfectly in the new wood stock, no in letting at all.

Got it together and shot some 75gr V-Max through and still got about and inch goup. So got a box of 70gr SMK's and wow. First two group's were 7/8" and then 3/8". That's with nothing at all being done to the rifle! Got a photo of the target. You'll notice some other hole's in it, I tape up the hole's and re-use the target's. There's two hole's to the right of the aiming point. was getting my 30-06 dialed in and first shot's went over there. I shoot' pretty good too.

Weather clears up I want to go shoot the Mossberg again, lot of wind, rain and last night snow! Oh yea. I took the scope off my other 243 and put it on the Mossberg, 3-9x Nikon. Then ordered a new 2-7x Redfield for the other 243, gonn leave them that way. Got a few photo's here. Well can't do it. New computer and don't know how to resize with it.

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Re: Been a long time

Post by ABert » Wed May 17, 2017 5:41 pm

Congrats on the new rifle! I've got an old Mossberg in .243 that is a tack driver. Problem for me is that it was my mom's and now my wife's and the stock is too short for me. So I guess it isn't mine after all!
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