Just a Funny Elk Story

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Just a Funny Elk Story

Post by huntingal » Tue Aug 30, 2016 2:24 pm

First a little backstory...I am a mother of two boys, now 9 and 6. I am an avid outdoorswoman, and both of them have been on coyote hunts, deer hunts, turkey hunts and my winter trapline since they were born.
They understand why we hunt, and trap but don't seem to get excited over it. That was until a few weeks ago. Our local elk have been preying on my brothers sunflower crop. For this insurrection CPAW gave him 2 cow elk vouchers, one of which he passed on to me. Luck would have it, I caught the herd in the field Friday night, boys were with me. I parked the pickup under the hill, told them to be quite and snuck in on the elk. I chose a nice fat yearling and dropped her in the field :thumb
I called my brother to help me load said fat elk, he showed up with his two boys, plus two of their friends who were having a sleepover. Six boys from 6-12, helping gut an elk...you can imagine lol
Anyhow, we load said elk and head to the shop where there is a forklift to help with the skinning =D> (Isn't technology great)
Skin said tasty looking elk and hang outside overnight. No cooler, so I have to cut it up the next day.
My oldest helps me quarter elk the next day, he gets to run the forklift. He also insits on hauling off head, legs and hide immediately with the skidsteer.
Next day-said tasty elk is now nicely packaged and placed in my freezer, but my oldest really, really wants to go hunting so I can shoot another. I'm thinking "YEAH, I've finally got a hunter!" I told him one is enough. He replies "but mom, I want to run the forklift and skidsteer again". #-o
Well...I guess he will have to wait till deer season. :))

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Re: Just a Funny Elk Story

Post by ABert » Tue Aug 30, 2016 10:00 pm

I grew up pretty much the same way as your boys, hunting with my folks when I could barely walk. Out of four boys, the hunting bug bit two of us and the other two never really took to it. Still can't figure out what those two never looked forward to hunting, though. Hopefully, your two will get bit with more than the skid steer...lol
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